Lesley Bohm Photography Studio

Whether you need actors headshots; celebrity portraits; or lifestyle photography for a publicity campaign, Lesley Bohm Photography Studio is the choice to make. Based in Los Angeles, Lesley Bohm is known predominantly as a celebrity photographer. Her ability to make the shiest subjects feel at ease is as integral as the relaxed environment she creates in her studio.

With decades of experience behind the camera, Lesley has honed her innate ability to capture her client’s “true essence and beauty”. She has even been told that her photo shoots are life changing. Many of Lesley’s entrepreneurial clients report an immediate increase in credibility and income after incorporating her photos into their marketing mix.

Everyone in Hollywood knows there is a direct link to image and success, and Lesley’s eye and photography skills have been a significant part of the equation for a great deal of people, both famous and not.

Lesley Bohm is an award winning photographer, voted best natural light headshot photographer in Los Angeles. For over twenty years, she has been taking beautiful natural light and studio photos for actors, business owners, entrepreneurs, real estate agents, authors and speakers. Lesley’s extensive knowledge about photo branding helps deliver a clear message to audiences, through a single photographic image. Lesley is well known for making people feel comfortable in front of the camera and for having the ability to capture their personality on film.

Lesley Bohm’s photography work has been featured in magazines, advertising, and editorial work. Lesley shoots photos that can be best utilized for author cover shots, business marketing, website applications, images for products, and publicity for the web and media. Lesley Bohm cherishes the art of photography so deeply, she has embodied it as her life’s work to help people find the beauty in themselves.

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