Lesley Bohm

Lesley’s work is transformative. She has been told many times that her photo shoots are life changing. Many of her entrepreneurial clients report an immediate increase in credibility and income after incorporating her photos into their marketing mix. Actors and authors also report receiving more call­backs and reading requests after using Lesley’s photos in their submissions.

Says Lesley, simply, “People trust me.”

Her passion is bringing to life, in one singular image, the indefinable qualities that make an author the source of powerful prose, a CEO the inspiration for a global enterprise, an actor the conjurer of a whole new reality, a brand the embodiment of trusted values.

And then there is the shoot. She talks. She listens. She pulls you out of yourself. She is waiting for a moment, not a “look.” And when it happens, she captures it like you’ve never been captured before. She creates an image that is you. You look at the photos and you say not just, “I look beautiful,” or “I look powerful,” but “There, right there, yes, that is me.”

[vimeo 141739405 w=640 h=360]

Lesley Bohm - Vimeo from Lesley Bohm on Vimeo.